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World Domination World Domination

Rated 3 / 5 stars


Wow, this was the least spectacular HOUR of my life. Whew! It's over, I won. The pace was horribly slow - yes even after following your instructions. There is huge ambiguity as to who the diplomats were going to talk to, and stop with the "We think you're going to like this."!
Also, when you are low on population, you make worthless weapons apparently. I used two spies all game, but I made 13 more. Plenty of bombs, but no planes! All I did was propagandize my way to victory. AND IT TOOK FOREVER!!! I gave a 6 of 10 due solely to the depth involved in the game - strictly as a technical score fun was a 2 of 10, as it was so damn drawn out.
We think you're going to like this? Only the technical side of it. Man! I hope the retail version that you are charging people money for is a little cleaner!